PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

On this day in 1972, Apollo 17, the last manned Moon mission, ended.

Your government, in action: Homeland Security gives up, because it turns out it's hard.

The Census Bureau reveals the real America. Also, Abu Aardvark covers some polls of attitudes in the Arab world.

YAY. New Jersey approves gay unions. Now, go write your own punchline.

* More unrest in Gaza and Palestine.
* How Tim Johnson's illness points out flaws in our political system.
* Tony Blair went into the Iraq war, knowing that Hussein didn't have WMDs, and believing Iraq was 'contained.'
* Charles Krauthammer predicts Bush's next moves. Also, David Ignatius talks to... Syria.
* An interview with Ahmadinejad.
* Good news: the Republicans lost their shot at reshaping the environmental agenda.
* How comets are changing how we view the solar system.
* 2006: Global warming is up, breast cancer is down.
* David McCullough and William Safire win the Medal of Freedom, the top civilian honor in the US.
* Religious groups give free advertising protest otherwise-forgettable Christmas horror movie.
* Mice on a plane.

Today's headline: "Georgia Officials Back Harry Potter"
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