PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

BAGnewsNotes on the events in Lebanon that no one is paying attention to. Oh, right, and that whole Israel/Gaza thing is about to erupt, again.

Regional war looms in Africa.

Howard Kurtz on Senator Johnson's surgery. Bonus: more info on his medical condition.

Metro makes its plans for a rate hike official.

* Using a subpoena to stop leaks.
* Florida proves that there's nothing wrong with raising the minimum wage.
* More on the emerging Coast Guard scandal.
* Israel defends its tactics of assassination.
* I heard it on NPR: FEC fines 527 groups.
* How the Republicans screwed up in Texas.
* Happy holidays! AOL lays off over 450 people from Dulles.
* Planetary Society offers a prize for the best idea to track the Apophis asteroid.
* Meeting with the Holocaust deniers.
* Ed Koch wants Dennis Prager off the Holocaust Memorial board for his comments on Representative-elect Ellison.
* "While the current state of Christianity might seem normal and business-as-usual to some, most see through the judgment and hypocrisy that has permeated the church for so long."

Rebuilding one of the statues of the Buddha destroyed by the Taliban.

Golden Globe nominations announced.

The Dungeons & Dragons cartoon comes to DVD.
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