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"They start from completely different places... Baker approaches everything with a negotiator's mindset. That doesn't mean every negotiation leads to a deal, but you engage your adversaries and use your leverage to change their behavior. This administration has never had a negotiator's mind-set. It divides the world into friends and foes, and the foes are incorrigible and not redeemable. There has been more of an instinct toward regime change than to changing regime behavior."

The imams vs. the airline.

The Litvinenko affair, and why Russians have good reason to be paranoid.

Rejoicing over the return of White House leaks.

* Right, so Bush is already distancing himself from the recommendation of the Iraq Study Group report. Bonus: the ISG and four days in Iraq. Good read.
* "The politics of homosexuality is changing fast in the Arab world."
* Problems encountered in revamping the Coast Guard.
* Outcry over the razing of public housing in New Orleans.
* "Why the achievement gap persists."
* Have they found the tomb of St. Paul?
* Jeane Kirkpatrick passed away.

The world of espionage remains years behind the information age.

Cat and Girl present Strummer's Law.
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