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Whuf. Long day. These ten-hour shifts are certainly going to take getting used to.

My feet hurt. My ankles hurt. My shins hurt. I've walked four more miles this week than I did last week, and will be walking at least four more before the week is up. This better get me in some sort of shape. And I will certainly need better walking shoes in short order. My regular work shoes, while comfy, were already in their decline before this. Maybe Santa will bring me something nice.

Speaking of Santa, thanks to poor timing, the next paycheck is already spoken for through bills and rent, which is making me a sourpuss. I'm not big into Christmas, but I like being able to pick up little things for people here and there.

Georgetown will certainly take some getting used to. It's really rich and young and white. Haven't located a cheap and tasty place to lunch yet. But the coffee at work is adequate, and more importantly, free.

The conductors on the Metro in the evening are much meaner than the ones in the afternoon. I'm still entertained by the people I see, though. Today's two-fisted tale would probably have to be the two black crossdressers I saw. No, they weren't together, these were different trains and different stations. I live in a world without coincidence.

And finally: got off work right on time, brisk walk to Metro, didn't have to wait to catch the train... and I still got back to my car just after 6 pm. Meaning I can't pick up bebe from day care on days I work. Meh.
Tags: 2006, not news, two-fisted tales

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