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"Cheney and his loyalists are largely responsible for the deception, delusion and incompetence that brought us to where we are today in Iraq. Rove intentionally turned the war into the most ferocious and divisive of partisan issues. Neither man has shown any sign of remorse... But until or unless Bush turns away from Cheney and Rove - the two men who have been his most intimate and trusted counselors - it's hard to imagine that his episodes of chastened, bipartisan talk on Iraq will amount to anything more than lip service."
-Dan Froomkin

Man, the Supreme Court is totally slacking off.

Learning to speak Republican and Democrat.

* So, what does the military think of the ISG report? Also, Iraqis worry that the report doesn't grasp the complex situation on the ground. And National Review... doesn't find much useful info.
* Somali Islamists vow to fight UN peacekeepers.
* Conservative Jews to allow gay rabbis and gay unions.
* Dick Cheney's gay daughter? Totally pregnant.
* The Republicans have a Southern problem.'
* So long to a global warming skeptic.
* Kevin Cole's 10 11 best debut CDs of 2006.

An Oscar season full of violence.

Gene Weingarten on the fate of the mustache.
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