PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Bush seems determined to play the role of a 21st-century Winston Churchill, steadfast in the West's darkest hour, when many Americans see Bush as the captain on the bridge of the Titanic."
-Evan Thomas

A new kind of war: there's almost as many contractors in Iraq as American military.

Remember those officials who voted against the war? They're moving up in the world now.

* Goodbye, Ambassador Bolton. Here's the reaction at the UN.
* Mismanagement is threatening the war everyone could agree on: Afghanistan. Maybe they could consider doing something about the opium while we're there?
* Let's just say that last week's push on the Middle East didn't go as well as planned.
* Russia won't extradite suspects in the Litvinenko investigation.
* The military is facing an equipment crisis.
* Utah does its part to get DC a voting seat in Congress.
* Time asks: are you better off or worse off than your parents?
* NASA's working on the mission to the moon.
* Would less math be better for students?

On cursing in Quebec.

How the Madden NFL video games are teaching football to a new generation.

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