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Previously, on Heroes...

* Previously: OMG so much stuff
* "Are you mad at me?" He told her he knew! "I've done some things I'm not proud of to keep you safe." (Heh, Mom doesn't know. Guess how.)
* Matt's popping pills. ("Headaches.") Hey, other footprints. He is a policeman!
* "You were meant to do a lot of things, Peter. Saving the world is not one of them."
* "I don't think I can do it." "That's because you can't."
* "What are you looking at?" -Jessica
* "Turns out you're not so untouchable after all." -Bennett
* Hmmm, he said Sylar's powers wouldn't work there.
* "...because I can see how things work." -Sylar
* "You've taken several..." (We know he's taken at least six or seven. We know of: telekinesis, freeze-y power, possibly super-speed or teleportation, possibly the power to track other Specials, possibly some sort of head-can-opener power. What else?)
* "...infusion of so many alterations to your DNA..."
* Ordered to keep him alive. Who gives these orders?
* Eden wants to tell him to kill himself!
* Hey, Peter got a headache when Matt showed up. Spilled Claire's name to the FBI!
* And, Mohinder returns to NYC. (Heh, note from Eden.)
* Isaac's sketching! She slips him a phone and a #.
* Hee, if/then statement.
* "Destiny hasn't forgotten us." -Hiro
* "Destiny would lose our number." -Ando
* Matt can't listen in on Bennett. Hellooo, Haitian.
* 'Distinct abscene of sound.'
* Oh, hi Niki. "I don't miss."
* "Maybe one day I can be in the right place, and return the favor." -Bennett
* "How long have you known?" -Claire
* "I've died before, it's no big deal." -Claire
* Oh, Peter dove off the building without knowing he'd heal.
* "You're totally my hero." -Claire
* She hurt Micah! (Same arm as D.L., I note.)
* (So, they just have to convince Jessica that D.L. is a good guy, and they can just be one big happy freakin' weird family.)
* "The man who cuts off heads, he's taken care of."
* He sketched Charlie!
* "How do you stop and exploding man?"
* Crap. The Haitian picked up Lyle!
* "I can't be trusted." Niki turned herself in! For murder! Jessica won't be happy.
* OK, Hanson is awesome too. She thinks he's cute!
* Nosebleed! Only got one word: Sylar.
* Oh, crap, they took away Zack too! This will totally turn off Claire.
* "We're quite alike, you know. You collect Special people... and so do I." -Sylar
* "Concentrate." -Hiro
* Hey, all Hiro had to do was teach him to concentrate!
* "Tell me you remember!" -Claire
* "Tell me Claire: can you keep a secret?" -the Haitian
* !!!
* Oh, lord, Isaac's face it fucked up.
* "I really need to find that sword..."
* Eden turns too!
* The whole time you were the girl next door..."
* Wait, that turned out about as well as I would have guessed.
* PETER'S DREAM/VISION. NYC EMPTY. MY CAPS LOCK IS STUCK, BECAUSE IT'S THE END OF THE SHOW. EVERYONE IS THERE (except the Haitian. And Ted.) (And hey, Simone is there too.) NUCLEAR. "It's all my fault... It's me."

* January 22nd: the answers start with a question: are you on the list?"

OK, folks. That's how to give people a mid-season cliffhanger. Wowzah.
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