PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Last night: Hell came to Frogtown, but only after... a Red Dawn.

What else: Saturn called late last night. Car is fixed. Turns out the "gaping hole" in the water pump dumped all the coolant, so the engine overheated in short order, and apparently the cylinder cracked "almost all the way through." Ouch. So, yeah. Now to head down Monday to pick it up and everything.

Now: Work. Except my e-mail doesn't seem to be working is extra slow today. And I'm on a different machine than usual, so everything is all askew. Oh, and no Firefox. I never realized how much I need tabbed browsing in my life.

This afternoon: Horrorclix. Thereafter, punching evil? Hooray for affordable entertainment.
Tags: not news

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