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"In another example of President Bush's post-election loss of control over the national agenda, the debate in Washington is now officially no longer about how we achieve victory in Iraq, but how we cut our losses. It's no longer about whether we withdraw our troops, it's about when."
-Dan Froomkin

Prison population in the US sets new records.

So, which is more disturbing: that the government is assigned scores rating the risk that travelers are terrorists or criminals, or the implementation of the new backscatter x-rays?

The Litvinenko affair: autopsy under way, with extreme precautions. And really, what the heck is going on here?

* Analysis: we still don't have that many policy options for Iraq. Here's a new bad idea, though: ignoring the Sunnis. Also, Howard Kurtz covers how the Iraq Study Group report is dead even before it's been released.
* Great. Lame-duck Republicans want to push through a bill defining when a fetus can feel pain.
* What we want to hear from the President.
* The media as pack animals?
* There's a problem when well-trained people can't find decent jobs.
* Justice Dept. quietly drops the case of the misleading election flyers in MD.
* I pretty much agree with Andrew Sullivan on Hillary Clinton.
* '1,600-year-old Roman coffin unearthed in London'
* Disney has a 'Mel Gibson' problem when it comes to marketing Apocalypto.
* Gamers trying to purchase their virtual world.
* presents the best dressed teams.

Hawking calls for humanity to colonize other planets.

New discovery: slow earthquakes.

More news on how sports stadiums are really bad investments for cities.
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