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"As someone who has long pushed for the audio broadcast (if not live video coverage) of every oral argument [at the Supreme Court,] I'm about to sound way ungrateful. But the court's policy of allowing the public to listen in on some oral arguments and not others is a huge mistake for about a million reasons. It's the modern-day equivalent of the feudal lord opening up the castle to his serfs for one drunken night at Christmas: It's condescending, it's irrational, and it reinforces the worst stereotypes about a secretive, elitist high court."

Five fatal mistakes of Bush's Mideast policy.

Here's a sentence to grab your attention: "Which is why the parallels to Vietnam are way too optimistic."

Update: the peace wreath can stay.

* Were European countries aware of secret CIA flights? Also, a German man captured by the CIA, held, and tortured, wants his lawsuit reinstated.
* Analysis: Why the White House has a problem with calling it a 'civil war.' In other news, yes, Sistani and al-Sadr are still important.
* Analysis sees blame shifting to the Iraqis, which may sound familiar to my readers.
* Gates criticizes the planning for the Iraq war.
* Judge rules American currency is unfair to the blind.
* The first Muslim elected to Congress will swear in on the Koran, which is cool. Unfortunately, this guy's reaction isn't a comedic satire. (Courtesy ammitnox.)
* David Ignatius on why Chuck Hagel could be the Republican candidate for '08.
* Webb had an interesting run-in with Bush.
* A 400 million year old monster with a powerful bite.
* Local legend Arch Campbell is the next to retire in the News 4 restructuring.
* Why people hate Pitchfork Media.

Fan backlash to New Line's announcement about the movie version of The Hobbit shows that there's a new player in Hollywood: the public.

More blogging the Bible, today with sarcasm!

Comic book comedy: fashion by Jack Kirby.
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