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"Congressional Republicans now routinely lament that more of them might still have their jobs if Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld had lost his before election day. That might be right. But it's also true that Rumsfeld might have been out of work sooner had more congressional Republicans done their own job."

Remember all that uproar about Bush's secret wiretapping program? One year later, and it's still going on, and no one seems to notice or care.

Courtesy imamsawez, it's, uh, a giant thing.

* "President Bush leaves for Europe on Monday uncertain of the Washington he will return to, or even his place in it."
* If this is the end of the conservative era, what's next?
* Dick Polman on the meaning behind the return of Trent Lott.
* E. J. Dionne Jr. wonders if the Republicans can find their center.
* Bush and his followers are looking ahead to his presidential library.
* "The case of the poisoned spy."
* One year later, the recovery of the recipient of the first partial face transplant.
* Richard Donner gets his chance to fix Superman 2.

On Hyperides: "This helps to fill in critical moments in ancient classical Greece."

Poison: a dark history. And if you dug that, you'll love math nerds who went crazy. (Courtesy asimplelife.)

A new look at the saucy backstory behind the scenes of the TV hit Match Game.
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