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Previously, on Heroes...

* No 'previously on?' Oh, right.
* "To everything there is a season." "...A single event that set this chain into motion..."
* Hiro!
* Brooklyn? Watchmaker? No, it's Clark Kent Mr. Gabriel Grey.
* OK, OK, he's no longer Mohinder's dad, he's that guy from The Mummy Dr. Chandra Suresh.
* Hee hee, it's Eden the car their. Donuts! Crap, the Haitian.
* And Claire's on the squad! And crap, that's a nasty cut that's... not healing.
* Niki, one year sober. 'feels like too much for one person.' D.L.'s an ex-con.
* Hee, Nathan gives Peter women's sneakers. Dad's meeting with Linderman! Oh, crap, and Nathan's wife is walking around! Tonight's not going to end well.
* D.A. wants to prosecute Linderman, and that's the Petrelli dad's biggest client.
* Run some tests, sure. "If the soul exists, scientifically speaking, it exists in the brain."
* "The watchmaker's son becomes the watchmaker."
* "You need a goal... a purpose." Whoops, her power isn't working on Bennett! Is that Bennett's power? Or something the Haitian is doing?
* "Great Scott!"
* Oh, no, it's the day of Nathan's detective's test! "After today, I'm going to be a different man."
* Hee, Hiro's busing tables. Japanese phrasebook, eh? And he can still bend time/space. "Tomorrow the swallows will slay the dragons." Ooo-kay.
* Niki's dead sister, Jessica! Eek!
* "I didn't ask to be dad's favorite." -Nathan
* Run off the road OH CRAP HE FLEW UP
* And Peter had a dream!
* 1,000 cranes! Trip to Japan!
* OK, Clark Gabriel is creeping me out. From over here.
* Eep, no ability? I mean, other than being creepy?
* Brian Davis, telekinetic.
* Oh, hi Mr. Bennett!
* "Now, go break the internet in half or something."
* Uh, what's she in denial about? 'Reciting mantras'?
* Aaand, that's where she breaks.
* Hee, Bennett and the map. Chandra's daughter had 'a genetic anomaly.' "We can change the world!... That's your daughter's destiny."
* "Niki doesn't remember. But I do."
* "You're not Jessica!" "You have no idea who I am."
* Once again, Bennett is the dad of the year. He's awesome. "It's your actions that make you good or bad."
* "That's... healed really nicely."
* Aw, he's dyslexic. As if we could be any more sympathetic a character.
* Apartment 1407. Someone remind me to look that up later.
* And, the Petrelli dad's dead. Heart attack. (Riiight.)
* Oh, oh, she's got a blood clot, and is expecting an aneurysm.
* "But I'm supposed to save you."
* Oh, no. JUMPED.
* "My name is... Sylar. Gabriel Sylar."
* "Can you make it go away?"
* "You're broken..."
* Sent Eden to get Claire's name off the list!
* A chance to start over. New purpose. "I can... feel them."
* Wait, he said he teleported forward? Something we haven't seen yet?
* Can't change the past.
* "I loved her." OK, that was more heartbreaking than the blood clot or the dyslexia thing. Man.

Next week: last episode before the break! "Evil grows stronger..."

Man, whole lot of them together... is that New York?


K. & J., as before, we taped it for you.

Everyone else, if you feel like catching up, marathon this Friday on SciFi. You won't regret it.

(Other notes: anyone else getting a bad vibe off the Eragon commercials?)
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