PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

If you read only one news link today, read a tale of two idealists.

Or this one about the the true depths of manipulation evident at the press conference. I miss objective journalism.

* Yay world court! The new permanent war crimes tribunal was inaugurated today, despite Bush trying to weasel a way to keep the US exempt.
* Yay Constitution! Judge rules Padilla must be allowed to meet with his lawyers.
* Speaking of which, the prisoners at Guantanamo have been held for 14 months so far.
* More updates: how badly we have failed in Afghanistan.
* The lack of forethought on war is tearing country apart.
* Spurning international law is not 'conservative.'
* John McCain, who should be president, explains why war is necessary.
* However, it turns out the Beastie Boys are against the war.
* How far can we go as a sole superpower making the world safe for democracy? And what does that concept itself entail?
* Imaginary allies and the new US isolationism.
* Legislative branch once again attacking reproductive rights.
* Man, I wish people could decide what a planet actually is. As a bonus, it involves the Kuiper Belt!. (Courtesy Magistrate.)
* Time to invade Mars.
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