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Stolen from pictsy.

1.) I was both an altar boy and in the Navy JROTC. I toyed with the idea of becoming a bartender.

2.) My mom and I used to, while watching TV, agonize over where we had seen such-and-such C-level actor or actress before, and sit around and discuss it until we figured out what else they had played. This is why I am so grateful for the imdB.

3.) I was in a number of accelerated reading programs as a youth, and was reading years ahead of my grade level for as long as I can remember. Thusly, I haven't read a lot of the famous kids books that everyone else has (with some key exceptions, like Bunnicula and the Choose Your Own Adventure books.)

4.) Along similar lines, I actually read very few fantasy books, and haven't read many of the 'big series' that people reference.

5.) I used to bite my fingernails compulsively, until I made a conscious decision to not do it anymore a few years back. And for some weird reason, my nails have been growing extra-fast this year. I don't get it either.

6.) I've never had the hiccups.

7.) I entered college as a journalism major, and wanted to be a print journalist for a long time. (And this was even before the inter-web.) Also, one of my favorite high school classes was photography, and I like to think I could have done something with that.

8.) When I was a kid, I devoured books on the paranormal, especially cryptozoology. It was fascinating. I fully attribute this as to why I am such a skeptic now. I would love for any of it to be true, which is why I don't believe any of it, since it won't hold up to any proof. (This is why I enjoy reading conspiracy theory so much, but find it all so unbelievable.)

9.) I have proposed to two people.

10.) I got called back about writing for the Post. (It didn't work out.)
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