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Eric Keroack, Bush's new appointee in charge of family planning programs, doesn't really have a good relationship with science.

Interesting read: a realistic future for interventionism.

Testimony begins in Warren Jeffs's case.

On homeland security and Sikhs' daggers.

Write your own captions, people.

* David Ignatius, on what we can learn from the Saudis.
* Follow-up: 'D.C. police agree to protest settlement'
* Where your tax dollars are going: how Homeland Security is screwing up contracting.
* A peace accord for Nepal?
* Man, even Janet Reno is speaking out against the war on terror.
* Dick Polman on McCain's abortion flip-flop, and more.
* Georgia's new sex offender rules seem like a move towards banishment.
* Lou Dobbs praises the 'Populist tide.'
* Why you should ignore all 2008 presidential polls.
* Why snipers haven't been very effective fighting the insurgents.
* Army unveils a new slogan.
* "4 in 10 U.S. children born in 2005 were out of wedlock." Also, teen birth rate down.
* 'Tomb find reveals pre-Inca city'
* Trying to stop the use of the racial slur "Redskin" at the patent office.

Heh. Someone stole Bush's daughter's purse in Argentina.

"Anyone who thinks that racism in this country is history really ought to watch the video of Kramer going postal."
-Eugene Robinson

The LATimes remembers Robert Altman as "a true original."
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