PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

The NYTimes isn't impressed by the Human Rights Commission.

Why should we listen to James Baker on Iraq?

Polygamists fight for equal rights.

* The military was illegally tracking antiwar protests and gatherings.
* It's things like this that give me hope on the whole Israeli side of things.
* As in Vietnam, we might just need to let Iraq take care of itself.
* "Israel's Supreme Court ordered the government Tuesday to recognize same-sex marriages performed abroad."
* Good analysis of Pelosi's blunder.
* Ohio Republican fundraiser gets 18 years in prison.
* Interesting. London exchange rejects Nasdaq offer.
* Why utilities markets don't work for consumers.
* Studying autism isn't enough; treatment needs to be a priority as well.
* Jim VandeHei leaves the Post for MSNBC job.
* If you're not angry enough about the whole Simpson book deal, how about the allegations they offered the victims' families hush money?
* Robert Altman passed away.

Update on Peter Jackson's Hobbit movie. Oh, and John Kovalic's reaction.

Points for creativity: 'Homemade sub captured with 3 tons of cocaine'
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