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Previously, on Heroes...

* Previously: "I'll just go back..."
* "We are, if anything, creatures of habits."
* Yay Claire! Publicly sitting with her geek friend! And you won the geek vote!
* Painting? RUINED.
* Hee, Jessica, the sniper. "Cops can't stop him. But I can, as long as he doesn't see it coming."
* "I still love her." -D.L.
* Boy, special, can enter dreams.
* Hee, Simone saved a photo of the painting! And, she believes Peter. "If it's you, you're going to die, at 8:12 tonight."
* CREEPY PAINTING. "When he wakes up, have him paint another."
* Bennett knows about at least three of Sylar's victims.
* "You'll have help."
* One punch!
* Grounded!
* "Then, sometimes, she'd show up instead of Mom." -Micah
* "Do you know this boy?"
* "Why do they come to you?"
* Three paths, huh.
* 6 months! "He popped out of her life weeks ago."
* Zach: best gay boyfriend ever. "No one grounds the queen." "I just wish you liked who you are."
* (Side note: isn't it awesome that Zach isn't the standard stereotype gay friend usually seen on TV?)
* "...Being different isn't the end of the world."

Ando: You have a power?
Peter: Sort of."

* "By myself, I'm not really anything." OK, that scene with Ando and Peter just about made me cry, it was so fantastic. We need to have Ando save the day, now, at some point.
* Hee, Mom didn't stop Claire.
* Mohinder's dad was trying to protect him, sweet. ZOMG ROSTER. NEED THE SCREENCAP STAT.
* Oh, hi Sylar.
* "We used to be B.F.F.s."
* Oh, so that's how Sylar is killing them so quickly. In other news AUGH
* (Then, some things happen, including saving a cheerleader.)
* Sylar: gone.
* "I don't know, I'm just a cheerleader."
* Eden, meet Sylar. "You don't want to hurt me."
* And, Mohinder's going back. "He wanted you to live your own life."
* Hee, Hiro!

Next week: even more happening! Magnificent.
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