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I doubt anyone else is still playing NationStates, but my one country (Cobra Island) is 17th (out of over 88K countries) in size of military. My *other* country (Brotherhood) is 44th... from the bottom of the list. (Only 43 countries have a smaller military.) Yay me! Anyways.

Requiem for a Dream:
Much like Dancer in the Dark, this is a very-well constructed film I am glad I saw, but I doubt I will watch it again. It's very rough. Thirty minutes in, I was like, 'man, I don't know why everyone was warning me about this movie.' By the end, I had no doubts. They should show this movie in middle school, to convince kids not to use drugs. Or watch porn. Quality aside, I think I like Aronofsky's Pi better.

Velvet Goldmine:
On the other hand, Velvet Goldmine lived up to all the hype I heard about it. Ostensibly a tale of a fictional version of David Bowie, this movie has the best opening I have seen in a film in a long while. It took some time for me to get used to the time-jumping aspects of the film. And a great cast! (Izzard, MacGregor, Bale, etc.)

Now, this film was just awful. I mean, I wasn't expecting Shakespeare or anything, but I'm really having a problem justifying anyone ever seeing this, unless you're dedicated to seeing every movie starring someone from the Whedon-verse. It was pretty dang terrible and forgettable, and not in an amusing fashion.
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