PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Previously, (well, this past summer,) on Lost...

Another highlight of Jack's stupidity.

Yep, we're into the long, looong wait until the second half of season three.

Secret: I don't actually do a huge amount of online searching on the little details, and instead rely on other nerds to do the heavy lifting for me, and then present it through links here. Sledgeweb is one of those sites.

Also, I never got into the Lost Experience game/mutlimedia presentation/whatever that took place over the summer, but it turns out, revealed a *lot* about the backstory of the show.

So. Today's distraction: Sledgeweb's gallery of images from The Lost Experience.

For all you need to know about The Lost Experience, check out the Sledgeweb wrapups:
* Rachel Blake and Friends
* The Hanso Foundation and Thomas Werner Mittelwerk
* DHARMA and the Sri Lanka Video
* Alvar & Magnus Hanso
* The Valenzetti Equation and Gary Troup

Also includes secrets behind the Apollo candy bars, the Mapinguari, and The Helgus Antonius, and more. And frankly, more things should have names like Spider Protocol.

[EDIT: Site is up and working for people now. 12:34 PM ET]
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