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"Not yet comprehending the gall of this argument? Think of how you would feel if your local district attorney asked your local judge to block you from telling your lawyer that you were beaten by the cops when they arrested you. Think about how that might shape your ability to present a legal or factual defense. Think about how that might otherwise shape your ability to communicate with your lawyer."
-Andrew Cohen

Abu Aardvark on reading the recommendations of the Iraq Study Group... and a pony.

* "Americans have a right to know what standards their president has been applying to the treatment of prisoners."
* Howard Kurtz on Democratic infighting.
* The return of oversight: the hard part is figuring out where to start investigating the administration.
* House Republicans wrangle over minority leadership.
* Abramoff begins his prison sentence today.
* Al-Jazeera launches its English-language station.
* Wait, porn only makes up one percent of the internet?

New book discusses the life of science fiction writer James Tiptree, Jr., who it turns out was a woman named Alice B. Sheldon.
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