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Previously, on Heroes...

* Previously: "an extraordinary new hero"
* " the edge of the world..."
* "Welcome back." -Eden
* "After I teach you, yes... We're not going to let that happen... Because I went through the same thing myself."
* 'I don't belong here.'
* Ah, super-memory. And super-learner.
* Ah, Mohinder's dad's locked drawer and improperly shut down computer. No clues here.
* "Head of genetic research, can you imagine?"
* Hee, suspected terrorist.
* "My skill, much more complicated." -Hiro
* Uh, she's learning things that aren't in the book.
* Maybe you shouldn't irritate the despondent nuclear guy.
* "Something's happening to me, too!" -Matt
* Ted blacked out too! And same scar! Eep!
* Yay Mohinder's dad!
* Mohinder flashes back to... something he didn't see before? Or dreams it?
* Haitian? Sure.
* Primatech Paper Co. With surprisingly good security.

Isaac: Feels like a curse.
Mr. Bennett: No, it's a blessing. Don't let anyone tell you different.

* "I need your help." -Mr. Bennett
* Goodbye, waitress. Wow, Sylar might have superspeed, too.
* And I love Mohinder's mom, too.
* "In the dream, you said that I could never take the place of her." -Mohinder
* Dad was convinced she was special. Hmm.
* And wow, Bennett just lay it all out there. Sylar's going to kill his daughter tomorrow night at homecoming. (How does he know?!) Yay, he is just trying to protect her! Dad of the year!
* 'A number of us' have been watching the specials. (Who are the us?) OMG, he's been working on this at least 14 years! "Isaac, this is my daughter we're talking about."
* OK, about this creepy dream-kid...
* Hee, paper emergency. "Best dad ever!"
* Oh. Oh. Eden's a pusher. This actually makes the fact that Mohinder bought her B.S. without figuring it was suspicious more realistic.
* "Who do you think taught you?"
* Hiro goes to yesterday, to change the past! NOOO. "If I'm too scared to use my powers, then I don't deserve them."
* And Hiro... doesn't come back. Uh oh.
* Ted escaped? Shocker!
* Secret file. Learning continues in sleep. Hey it's that kid.
* "...The world is not small. You are..."
* Crap! Hiro in the pic!

Next week: OMG everything going nuts!

Wow. They are not wasting time on this show. Loving it.
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