PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"What went wrong in your education that you believe that the disapproval of China constitutes failure?" -

Colin Mochrie offers a Canadian apology!

Don't you miss how the government used to be much better at cover-ups and deceiving the American people? Halliburton, Cheney's old oil company, has won a Pentagon contract for advice on rebuilding Iraq's oil fields after a possible war. (Thanks to Aztec for this one.)

Jimmy Carter, in his own words, on why he doesn't support the war.

* Everyone forgets about the time Clinton attacked Iraq.
* Bush's Mideast peace plan on hold until crisis in Iraq is settled, angering Blair and others.
* Nothing like getting an early start: Iraqi troops surrender.
* Taxes usually increase during a war.
* Jefferson on government support of faith-based initiatives.
* Why Andy Serkis won't win: the Oscars are not evolving into the world of computer enhancement.
* Cecil Adams explains why we travel in space.
* Geek love. (thanks to Magistrate for the link.)

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