PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"A federal magistrate judge has ruled that a reproductive-rights group can seek White House e-mails and other documents as part of its lawsuit promoting broader access to the 'morning-after' pill.

Rumsfeld's tragic flaw: hubris.

The true costs of corruption in Iraq.

* Analysis: can the executive and the legislative work together? Bonus: Lou Dobbs commentary on the election.
* More Rumsfeld: a profile of his replacement.
* Israel vows to continue strikes in Gaza.
* French troops in Lebanon almost fired on Israeli warplanes.
* Controversy over string theory.
* Klimt auction breaks records.
* Ed Bradley passed away.

NASA debates the future of Cassini, and ponders sending Opportunity into a crater with no way out.

"Heavy smoking appears to cut the chances that an embryo will successfully imbed in the wall of the womb."

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