PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

* Speaking of Rumsfeld, the NYTimes ran this editorial this morning.
* Dan Froomkin asks, does Bush mean it? (Bonus: LiveOnline coverage. Good read.)
* Here's a to-do list for the 110th Congress.
* Robin D. Laws, on Iraq and the shadow of Vietnam.
* Tom Shales discusses the TV coverage.

* Israel pulls out of Gaza (again) but finds the time to shell an apartment building, killing scores of civilians. They say they'll investigate, but don't hold your breath.
* Back from the past: speaking of elections, Nicaragua had one too, and Daniel Ortega is back in power.
* As the Supreme Court revisits abortion, will Justice Kennedy be the new swing vote?
* Insight into how the Army decides what information should be classified.
* I try to not stereotype evangelicals, but I also wish they'd stop stereotyping me.
* Disney opens a video game studio.

Gein Weingarten reveals the secret of being funny.

Dan Savage on the Haggard scandal.
Tags: 2006, news

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