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* Democrats take the House. Meanwhile, the fate of the Senate rests on two close races.
* Democrats also take the majority of governorships.
* Good news: first ever female Speaker of the House. Bad news: it's Nancy Pelosi.
* Maryland: Cardin defeats Steele. O'Malley defeats Ehrlich.
* Virginia senate race too close to call.
* Virginia passes anti-gay marriage amendment.
* Santorum defeated. Yay.
* Hastert's future uncertain.
* Lieberman wins, and may cost Democrats the Senate. Boo.
* Schwarzenegger re-elected.
* South Dakota shoots down abortion amendment.
* More on other ballot initiatives here.

* The Republicans ceded the center, and paid for it.
* A rebuke for Bush, the war, and the right.
* Howard Kurtz on the morning after.

Courtesy the Post, election results, and key state ballot initiatives.

And, of course, the biggest news of the day, Britney and K-Fed have split.

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Tags: 2006, news
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