PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

On March 9, 1862, during the Civil War, the ironclads Monitor and Virginia (formerly Merrimac) clashed for five hours to a draw at Hampton Roads, Va.

So, today I am back to working Sundays again. (They wanted better managerial coverage on weekends.) I forgot how really dead weekends are here.

Friday, had a few people over for Trivial Pursuit. My team (myself, Baroness and Red Queen. Oh, and Zoe) got a couple rough questions early on (who the hell knows New Mexico is the "vermin state"?) and really never made a comeback. Le sigh.

Last night was a bash for Regent at the Wharf Rat in Fells Point. Lovely bar, but dang overcrowded. But, I got to see (half of) a lot of my friends! Which was very keen. However, I misjudged my tolerance (my drinking hiatus hit me pretty rough) and I was royally drunk by the end of the night. Leading to this morning's hangover. Bleh. I can't even blame this one on Gemini, either.

RQ and I also polished second half of Fellowship actors' commentary. Wonderful anecdotes, highly recommended. I even snuck in some painting, so yay!

Sherpa plans Internet cafe at Everest base camp.

News in a few.

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