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Previously, on Heroes...

* Previously: '...across the globe....' Really?
* Huh, solar eclipse coming.
* Crap, brother found the tape!
* And Niki's not dead. "Help me."
* "I tried to protect my son, but I couldn't." Ouch.
* And Isaac is... gone?
* Simone's dad dreamed about flying with Peter, hmmm. Was he a Wise Black Man?
* Sold the painting to some guy named Linderman. Huh!
* Ah, Nathan's wife's in a wheelchair. (Side note: she'd make an awesome Wonder Woman.)
* Why is Claire's brother scared of her? He reads comic books.
* Robert Fresco.
* Nuked!
* Sylar's victims are random, and there's no M.O. (So, uh, how do they know they're all done by the same guy?)
* Matt's having a harder time filtering voices...
* Theodore Sprague, huh? And a convenient fingerprint.
* "Heroes don't run away. Bad guys do." -Micah
* "She has a name: Jessica."
* Ah, Nathan's responsible for his wife's accident.
* Hee, Hiro's explaining it all to Micah.
* "YouTube's free, you idiot." -Zach
* Aw, poor Claire-bear.
* She's just barging right into Sylar's other lair? And it's... radioactive?
* Hee, Peter's endorsement. OK, I admit it, he's sort of awesome.
* And Linderman is a 'reputed mobster.'
* "Maybe I'll explode?!" -Theodore
* Yay telepathic cop.
* Crap, it is Theodore's fault his wife's sick.
* And Niki, you really shouldn't be calling Nathan.
* "She doesn't need your help anymore." -Jessica
* "I guess I'm just afraid of things going unsaid." -Matt
* "Flying around, how's that going to help anyone?" -Nathan
* (Heh, spooky Euro-dude.)
* "What would people do if they knew what we were capable of?" -Nathan
* Cop's got the same scar! What the heck?
* Hey, it's the missing voice-over! "You do not choose your destiny; it chooses you."
* OK, OK. I admit it. Micah does have superpowers.
* "Just put my mom on the phone."
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