PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Terry Jones is losing patience with his neighbors!

South of the border: Why isn't anyone reporting the government's aggressive and threatening comments towards Mexico?

* How to run the world: e-mail from the World Economic Forum.
* Why world opinion matters on the Iraq issue.
*Tom Brokaw explains: the proliferation of satellite news has a profound affect on the populace and consequently, their opinion of the
* So we're prepared for the war. Are we prepared for the peace afterwards?
* Reason 4,347 why Blair rocks the house: his appearance on MTV taking hard questions about the war.
* BBC to cut anti-war t-shirts from TV show.
* Finally, some stability in the world: Castro re-elected, and the water-skiing squirrel comes to town.

"Perhaps a better argument against fighting this war, which in reality does seem like using a howitzer to kill a fly, is the one being propounded more frequently now. While Saddam's regime had nuclear ambitions, all evidence points to an arrested program. What about North Korea, which clearly has nuclear capacity and bomb production on the way? We are sending out mixed messages to Americans - stories that we are willing to live with a nuclear North Korea on the one hand while positioning attack bombers for a possible strike on the other. To the average American, it seems we are ready to whack Iraq, which doesn't have the A-bomb, on the premise that someday it might, while excusing North Korea, which definitely does. The guy who runs North Korea is every bit as nutty as the one who runs Iraq."
-Dan K. Thomasson

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