PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

You have got to be kidding me. The administration now wants to bar prisoners previously held in secret CIA jails from talking about what happened there.

A frustrating afternoon with Attorney General Gonzales. Seriously, he couldn't answer just a simple question?

Must read: a soldier's letter from Iraq is making waves.

* Both parties are mobilizing their armies of lawyers for election day.
* Israelis are questioning the Gaza offensive.
* By the numbers: Iraqi violence.
* The one issue that unites disparate groups in Jerusalem: hating gays.
* China to double its aid to Africa.
* The scandal surrounding Haggard grows.
* "All of Korea's police stations now have a cyber terror unit to help deal with [cyber bullying.]"
* Critics are liking the new Bond movie.

New Texas prison program teaches criminals to use their business acumen to better ends. "After all, it was their entrepreneurial skills that landed them in prison."

How to navigate an interview on The Colbert Report.

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