PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"As President Bush throws himself into the final days of a particularly nasty campaign season, he's settled into a familiar pattern of ugly behavior. Since he can't defend the real world created by his policies and his decisions, Mr. Bush is inventing a fantasy world in which to campaign on phony issues against fake enemies."

Good read: Dick Meyer on negative ads and the degradation of politics.

Abu Aardvark on 'ethnic unmixing' in Iraq.

The war over the Islamic veil.

* The next big scandal may be over executive privledge and the vice-president.
* BAGnewsNotes on the face of the real threat of nuclear proliferation.
* Understanding the growing rift between Bagdhad and Washington.
* Poll shows voters want a new approach in Iraq. But no, no, Mr. Bush, please defend Rumsfeld some more.
* Are moderate Republicans dying out?
* Maryland Democrats claim Republicans are looking to suppress the vote.
* The Patriot Guard Riders come out to support war vets.
* NYTimes review of Evil Dead: the Musical.

What we should fear about the future of the web.

"So, this was going to be the Year of the Serialized Drama. What gives with you people? Why aren't you watching?"

YouTube: MC Chris discusses Kingdom Hearts vs. Resident Evil 4. (Courtesy one of my gaming crowd.)

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