PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"We could lead the Mideast to peace, but only if we stop refusing to do the right thing."
-Lt. Gen. William E. Odom (Ret.)

Yay! NASA changes its tune and decides to repair the Hubble.

Eugene Robinson on the Republican view of governing.

* The military widens its investigation into incorrect casualty reporting.
* The Pentagon's media offensive.
* On the Democrats and the anti-war message.
* The growth of the federal government is a major source of sprawl in the local area, especially since they rarely communicate with the regional officials.
* China to reduce their use of the death penalty.
* "Two people ejected from a speech by President Bush in Denver in 2005, allegedly because of an anti-war bumper sticker on a car they drove to the event, won a court order Monday they hope will uncover who gave the order to kick them out."
* Wait times get longer at Dulles and National.
* A record number of Maryland voters are requesting absentee ballots.
* Funny campaign ads hit YouTube.
* Fossils found of early Europeans.
* New breakthroughs in lie detection.
* On evolution and morality.

A dietary restriction to extend lifespan? (Bonus: monkeys!)

The media struggles over how to deal with YouTube.

Keeping a modern eye on translating The Aeneid.

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