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Yesterday was goofy busy. One highlight was a trip into downtown DC to convince the gas company that, no, we aren't the previous renters, and yes, we would like the heat turned on in our apartment without paying their old bill. What should have been a quick trip took, of course, over two and a half hours. I despise bureaucracy, but I hate unnecessarily inefficient bureaucracy.

The other big fun was picking up the three large bookcases we needed for the living room. (I don't want to think about how much money we've spent, total, furnishing the new place.) I wasn't sure we could even get these things into the house, and no, it certainly wasn't fun. And it took two trips to Ikea, since they didn't all fit in the car the first time. Heh. But, yeah, unpacking is now in the final throes, as we have like ten days before the housewarming.

Saturday, party-hopped between two Halloween parties. Good times had at both. Sunday, last-minute party in the afternoon, which didn't go quite as our hostess planned, but was relaxing nonetheless.

This week, mucho unpacking. Trick-or-treating with the munchkin this evening. Party Friday, something else Saturday.
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