PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Previously, on Heroes...

* Previously: "We're all connected."
* "The question of good and evil, reduced to one simple choice: survive or perish."

Isaac: Tell him about the guy from the future.
Peter: He is the guy from the future.

* "I had a sword."
* Huh, panel missing.
* Mr. Muggles!
* Hee, "Claire-bear" cracks me up every time. Biological parents!
* "Then I hope you don't scream." -D.L.
* "I'm not going anywhere."
* OK, so, D.L. stole Linderman's money. And 'some woman' killed his crew.
* I still love Claire's nerd friend.
* "It's your heroic journey." Rift!
* So, uh, who is the High Roller?
* "When you left, I became another person." -Niki
* Cards in the air! Pratfall!
* In the background: "Who invited her?"
* "A hero doesn't hide."
* Hmmm, D.L. doesn't seem so bad...
* "You're not done here. That's why I'm not even going to say goodbye." -Eden
* I would totally read a comic book called DJ Doom.
* "Ain't no jail can hold your old man."

D.L.: I've got a secret.
Micah: Like Superman?

* "We used to get stuff done for Linderman."
* Poker dive: torn. up. OK, maybe Niki is super-strong. Though I still prefer the term super-violent.
* Ah, Eden works for Claire's dad.
* "Really? That's cool."
* "He told him to save the cheerleader."
* Confessing to D.L.! And, blackout. Better go lie down, in her bedroom full of mirrors.
* "Oh, I'm as real as you are."
* "I did what had to be done, like I always do."
* (So, uh, what exactly is anti-Niki's plan?)
* Aw. Poor Hiro. "Maybe I'm not the hero I thought I was."
* Bio-parents: totally faked.
* "Baby, nobody can tell you who you are."
* Chromosome. Disease. Had a cough.
* Pearl-handled pistol. Nice!
* Isaac fixed the painting! And he wasn't even high! Oh, hi Eden.

Next week: "What would people do if they knew what we were capable of?"

OK, yeah. Loads happening this episode.

(PS-> K+J, we taped the episode for you, just let us know when you wanna borrow it.)
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