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"There will be a legal debate about whether or not I have the authority to do this. I'm absolutely convinced I do." CNN special report on the presidential power grab. Top read.

"Despite politicians' complaints about judges having too much power, two-thirds of Americans do not believe elected officials should have more control over federal judges."

"If the last month has taught us anything about the Republican Party, it is that homophobia is campaign strategy, not conviction."

Go ahead, act surprised: Halliburton subsidiary KBR is under investigation for withholding basic data from oversight on its work in Iraq.

"Potemkin Village:" BAGnewsNotes on the border fence.

* Philip D. Zelikow, Secretary Rice's honest counselor and a foreign policy realist.
* Safavian sentenced to prison for his role in the Abramoff scandal.
* Times editorial on why ex-felons should be allowed to vote.
* Lieberman gets more Republican support, this time from Bloomberg.
* Once hailed as a breakthrough, the last Ford Taurus rolled off the assembly line last week.
* How a ten-ton rock made an impression on the streets of Brooklyn.
* The key to a great TV comedy is telling a good story.
* The ratings war waged over the networks' top shows.
* Don't call it a comeback: MTV VJ Kennedy returns to TV.

Faith-based opposition to mountaintop removal coal mining.

Q&A with the founders of Television Without Pity.

"Muppets gone wild": YouTube parodies.
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