PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Club last night was surprisingly big fun. Not as crowded as I expected, so I didn't have as much trouble reaching Jay at the bar as I expected, and thusly, had a few more drinks than I expected. Heh, whoops. M., being kind, not only drove home but got me up to go to work this morning. Turns out the lesson at Club Envy is (was) you had to go from room to room to keep up with enough music to keep dancing. Le sigh. But the music was decent for the most part, so dance I did. Sometimes with very cool people as well, with whom I only collided occasionally. Sorry I didn't extend my goodbyes to anyone, but, you know, dancing.

I fully believe Alchemy will be revived, eventually. Hopefully, at a good location. Unlike Midnight.

Tonight: unpacking, City of somethingorother. (I really want to level my grav controller, but the allure of punching things with the brute still calls me.) (This is all, of course, wireless permitting.) Tomorrow: a couple Halloween parties. Sunday: reportedly, an afternoon party with the bebe-thing. Monday: yet more unpacking. Maybe time for The Prestige.
Tags: 2006, clubbing, gaming, not news

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