PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Last night was some impromptu Heroclix thanks to a visit from Magistrate. He used his rookie Brotherhood, I went with the Tri-county Area Avengers, and RQ used the latest version of the No Limit Man-Bat Army (211 pts. of Man-Bat and counting.) I wussed out and played defensively, and since we didn't finish the game, I spent most of it wandering through the building getting to the big brawl (and forgetting Dr. Strange starts with Phasing. Sigh.) My only other discovery was that Hawkeye, even as a vet, remains a chump. RQ posted her thoughts on the game here.


* Fine article on how the administration policies are leading us to increased isolation, which I think it pretty dangerous in this new global system. Also, the French and other European powers are viewing all this as a crisis over the rule of law, worried that might is making right.

* Some people are upset to find out the media can legally lie.

* Local news, the ACLU is taking on UMCP's 'free speech zones.'
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