PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Andrew Cohen on attacking the Constitution.

What if we held a day, where the president and top-level administration officials met with the press, yet the press weren't allowed to cover the event?

* Analysis: is the Pentagon being realistic? Also, should we send in yet more troops? David Ignatius looks for the way out.
* Evidence of a plot for ethnic cleansing in Iraq?
* Our troops look for one of our own, but the Iraqis see a double standard.
Abu Aardvark comes to the defense of Fernandez, and marvels at the Republicans' al Qaeda video.
* Most Americans oppose a border fence with Mexico.
* The Post endorses Ehrlich.
* I do try to understand other religions, honestly, but isn't this just cheating?
* Genetic code of the bee mapped.
* To fight the next pandemic, we may need to start using masks and respirators.
* Is the end near for Gibbs and Parcells?
* The challenge of marketing a movie entirely in Mayan. Oh, and the director isn't helping matters.

The Post looks at that hot destination, Silver Spring.

Orange line woes: why Rosslyn won't get any better any time soon.
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