PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Right, so, as noted elsewhere, this week has been a litany of awful pretty much all around. My morning was, in fact, a nexus of annoying little things:

The heat hasn't been working right at home, which may have contributed to my sleeping through my alarms. And since I put off taking a shower last night, I *needed* one this morning, so, even later there. Call work, let them know I will be late, find out my co-worker still has the Death Flu that's decimated the office, so once I do get in, I'll be flying mostly solo. Traffic? *Crazy.* Seriously, packed the entire drive to the Metro. And once I do get there, driving through the garage, there's a very real possibility there is no spaces left! (I got one of the last three in the lot. Seriously.) And, no copies of the Post Express left, so I am bereft of my usual morning reading material. Walking down the escalator to the train, and, you guessed it, the train doors close right before I get there.

So ready for things to turn around.

PS-> Interesting posts about the demise of Alchemy here.
Tags: not news

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