PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Previously, on Heroes...

* "...A pull of the soul to a far-off place..."
* "I'm risking a rift just by coming here." -Future Hiro
* "Be the one we need."
* "Put him down."
* Dude. Was that just a sonic boom?
* And hey, here's a montage of where everyone is right now. Nice.
* (So, who is this Linderman guy? When do we get to meet him?)
* But hey, Niki got her debt paid off.
* And Matt the cop's back. And still powered.
* "That hurt more than I thought it would." -Hiro
* Hee, Dark Side.
* Nice landing, Nathan.
* OK, seriously? They could have ended the show after the Nathan and Hiro scene, and I would have been happy. Or, ooh, had the whole episode been their small talk in the limo ride back to Vegas.
* Claire's dad is totally gonna kill the quarterback. "No one's going to know."
* "You're supposed to have the answer." -Peter

Nathan: Who do you want to be?
Niki: Someone good. A good mother. Not the person I see in the mirror.

* "Hello Brody. I'm Claire's father."
* "Hollow him out. Take everything."
* Freaky Peter vision? EYES.
* D.L. spotted nearby? In custody two days ago, and 'pulled a Houdini'?
* Yay, Nathan's a corrupt politician!
* Yay, Matt foiled a robbery! Awesomely!
* Finished the painting, nice.
* "My name is Peter Petrelli. I have a message for you."

Next week: Phasing! "Do exactly what I say." OOOOOH.
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