PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

As I've mentioned before, I very rarely remember any of my dreams, much less whole scenes. As I was woken up rather abruptly today (more on that below) I remembered more of my dream from last night. And it was a full-on action dream.

It was a multi-level building, a ruined house or something, and everyone had swords. A couple people had Artifact weapons, which were apparently necessary to defeat other people with Artifact weapons, or people who were chosen by the gods, because I think I forgot to mention that the gods showed up occasionally and picked champions. Or something like that.

But, as noted, woken abruptly. Bebe was coughing and congested. Feh. So, no school for her today. (Although the decongestant is making her feel better.)
Tags: bebe, dreams, not news
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