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"As usual, the Bush administration refuses to contemplate negotiations of any kind about the policy. The vote in the UN was 160 to 1 last year when the idea of space weapon negotiations was brought up, the U.S. being the sole objector." (Bonus: NYTimes editorial.)

Pro-Bush columnist William M. Arkin changes his tune on the war. (Courtesy imamsawez.)

America's dumbest Congressmen. (Courtesy angela_la_la.)

How the protests at Galludet reflect a larger debate on the future of deaf culture.

* Knew it was coming: administration tells the courts to drop detainee cases.
* Israel, in fact, had no exit strategy from Lebanon. This might sound familiar.
* "Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's office has instructed the country's health ministry to stop providing mortality figures to the United Nations."
* Good read: in Iraq, the problematic militias are sometimes embraced by the citizenry.
* Are American forces negotiating with Iraqi insurgents?
* "As a defense against terrorism, militarizing the Great Lakes is a symbolic defeat. And it is another in a series of incremental changes that threaten to change everything that we take for granted about our country."
* Skinhead violence on the rise.
* Xenophobia in Moscow.
* More electronic voting comedy in Maryland.
* Bush comes out to support another scandalous Republican.
* If you want to run for president, you might want to reconsider the concentration camp jokes.
* Grrr. Montgomery County schools upped the GPAs of some student athletes.
* Candidate proposes students could use old textbooks as shields in school shootings.
* Updating the American nuclear arsenal.
* Demoting Pluto offers new teaching opportunities. Also, my new album will be titled "Demoting Pluto."
* CDC urges stepping up the fight against superbugs.
* Trivia: could Bill Clinton be vice-president?
* Harrison Ford, now 64 years old, says he's still fit to play Indiana Jones.
* Deadwood star to play villain in Die Hard 4.

New exhibit shows the evolution of the Bible.

"The back nine": which of the new fall TV shows will get to play out the full season?

John Hodgeman on his new book, and on being so darn smart.
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