PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"The acknowledgment by the United States Army spokesman in Iraq that the latest plan to secure Baghdad has faltered leaves President Bush with some of the ugliest choices he has yet faced in the war."

Abu Aardvark: "Al-Qaeda has never had the substantial presence in Iraq attributed to it by the United States, but it has successfully magnified its own importance through clever use of various media forms."

A verdict for Saddam Hussein on... November 5th? My, that timing seems convenient.

* Dick Polman wonders how far Weldon thinks the conspiracy against him goes. (Bonus: gays!)
* Evangelical Christian leaders seek to broaden their agenda.
* The Post kicks off a fight between Northern Virginia and, well, the rest of Virginia.
* The future weather forecast looks rough.
* "A growing number of scientists believe autism may be caused by a lack of coordination in the brain."
* "How to seduce a movie star."
* Does the new movie Flags Of Our Fathers stay true to history?
* The remains of one of the first Americans to be killed in Vietnam are returning home. Sounds like he was quite a character.

Ugh. NBC sacks dramas in favor of game shows and reality TV.

Sometimes, the critics love a show that never catches on.

Baptist seminary bans speaking in tongues on campus.

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