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"The governments of Iraq and Afghanistan for a third straight year received failing grades in key measures of democratic rule on a score-card of poor nations compiled by the Bush administration... an agency President George W. Bush established in 2004 to distribute aid, said in reports released today that Iraq and Afghanistan failed their 2007 assessments in six categories of 'ruling justly:' political rights, civil liberties, control of corruption, government effectiveness, rule of law and accountability."

So, everyone expects changes to our policy towards Iraq, and soon. Maybe Bush just has a secret plan!

* "How will we know when a dictatorship has arrived?"
* Keith Olbermann, on the beginning of the end.
* Abu Aardvark on the new Middle East.
* Maybe the decline in marriage is just a financial issue.
* The ten most polluted places on the planet. (Note: graphic.)
* Are bees endangered?
* Schwarzenegger wins back fans, and voters.
* "Where are Friday Night Lights fans?

The FDA is ready to approve milk and meat from cloned animals.

New on DVD: old school Sesame Street

"The Joint Economic Committee of the US Congress has announced it is investigating the amount of commerce taking place in virtual game worlds."
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