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Previously, on Lost...

No pressure.

* Previously: Yay Locke! Jesus stick! YAY BUTTON
* Eye, tree, looks familiar. But it's Locke! And that's not Vincent, it's... naked Desmond. Huh. And there's that stick! BONK.
* Hey Claire, why don't you go ask him yourself? Yeesh.
* And, it's church-building time. Gone a whole day? Can't talk? Huh.
* "And where are Eko and Desmond? Are they off being mute and building structures too?" -Charlie
* "You need... to speak... to the island." -Charlie
* Locke, please don't waste paper, yeesh.
* Hee, sweat lodge.
* Hiya Eddie.
* That's... a lot of guns. And I think that's a fake license.
* Yay return of acerbic Charlie!
* Lindsey? Boone?
* "...bring the family back together."
* "Not them. They'll be fine... for a while."
* Hurley in a suit!
* "There's nothing you can do for them. Not yet."
* OK, here's a few more pics: Desmond helping himself, Sayid, Jin, and Sun, Boone, the bloody stick, bloody Boone, and tonight's sponsor, Sawtooth Ale from Du Claw.
* "They've got him. You don't have much time."
* "I'm going to save Mr. Eko's life." -Locke
* "He killed a polar bear."
* "Bad things happen to people who hand around with me."
* Hippie Locke! "A farmer or a hunter."
* Ah, band shirt. (Same band as the album in the hatch.) [EDIT: Geronimo Jackson.]
* "Dude."
* Oh, Hurley.
* I totally miss the Hurley and Charlie show.
* "They're like the Einsteins of the bear community."
* Is that the cave from Dagobah?
* Mmmm, greenhouse.
* (And hey, the origin of some of Locke's more inexplicable skills.)
* "What's the big secret, John?" -Eddie
* "Bear? Is that you?"
* "I'm not alone!"
* Cave! Tonka tough.
* Yep, pot. That was my guess. (Hey, that's Sahjahn.) (OK, it wasn't, but it should have been.)
* Bones! Dharma symbol! EKO.
* (Uh, please don't focus on the bad polar bear special effect for too long, guys.)

Desmond: It was a failsafe key.
Hurley: That seems kind of convenient.

* Blender noise, sky turned purple, whole island vibrated
* Great. Now the angry kidnapping bear will now have scars, and be angrier.
* "Yes, Charlie. That's what cleaning up your own mess means."
* Nope. Not a farmer. I'm a hunter."
* Confession to Eko, nice. "You can still protect them. You can still save them... After all, you're a hunter."
* And THERE'S Locke's speech! OH DEAR. And Hurley knows. And he looks ...angry.

Next week: DO YOU LOVE HIM?!

So there's always been this theme of Locke mentoring younger men, hmm.

Now to go read what other people have been saying, since I was sick pretty much right after the show all the way until this morning. This has, in fact, kind of been a crappy week. (Oh, and yes, my e-mail is still funky.) (Oh, and I think my e-mail is fixed now.)
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