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Welcome to America, 2006

"Although debate focused on trials at Guantanamo Bay, the new law also takes away from noncitizens in the U.S. - including more than 12 million permanent residents - the right to go to court if they are declared 'unlawful enemy combatants.'" (More on the presidential power grab from legal expert Andrew Cohen here.) (And, Jack Balkin calls it "the very essence of tyranny.")

"Even if you were a diehard, left-wing, Bush-bashing Hollywood screenwriter, it would be hard to come up with a script for the Republicans as bad as the last year. It's been one heckuva horror movie, with one scandal-plagued scene after another, and more of them as the election-season plot lurches toward its climax. I mean, you really can't make this stuff up."
-Howard Kurtz

Does the new National Space Policy point to administration plans to build space-based weaponry?

* Good read: Froomkin on Bush's interview with O'Reilly. No, it's actually a good read.
* The Iraqi government fires two of its top police commanders suspected of having links to death squads. Also, Abu Aardvark on the al Qaeda-declared Islamic Iraqi state.
* A new type of war needs a new look at military honors.
* David Kuo's new book, criticizing Bush's faith-based initiatives and the administration's real commitment to religious organizations, is out.
* Unsurprised: tension brews between gay Republicans and the rest of the party.
* Japanese minister wants to discuss nuclear weapons.
* Turns out Virginia is gayer than previously reported.
* I heard it on NPR: new reasons to avoid South Dakota.
* Always bet on black: Wesley Snipes indicted for tax fraud
* CBS reporter Christopher Glenn passed away.

A new life for atheism in America.

The NORAD base under Cheyenne Mountain is being retired. No word on the Stargate program.

"Unusual meteorite found in Kansas."
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