PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

OK, this episode of Angel had a big transitional feel to it. Which is to say, some stuff happened, but felt more like it was building up. And hey, Faith is back, Lilah is really dead, and the sun is back, so I can't say *nothing* happened. But, definitely something weird with the pacing.

* I miss Lilah already.
* Hey, was that The First talking, or was Wesley just hallucinating Lilah?
* Anyone else get a Twin Peaks vibe when they wrapped her body in plastic?
* Fight in a women's prison! And ouch, hit with barbell. Bringers' knife!
* Prison breakout, awesome. RQ thought she could have been a little more stealthy, which I suppose is true.
* Angelus seems to be going to lengths to prove that evil is just as dumb as good.

More tomorrow, I am sure.
Tags: tv

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