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"House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert shows no sign of resigning over the Mark Foley-House page scandal. But the mere suggestion that he might do so raises an intriguing political and constitutional question: Who would replace him while Congress is in recess? The answer, it appears, is on a piece of paper locked away in the House clerk's office."

"New research into how armed police react in the highly charged seconds before pulling a trigger has exonerated many of blame in the US. Now it's being investigated by British police."

What can we do about rogue states getting the bomb?

* Former majority leader Dick Armey says the Republicans</a> in Congress have lost their way.
* No fatalities reported in strong Hawaii earthquake.
* Post review of the Ehrlich/O'Malley debate.
* "...Targeted electrical brain stimulation may help head trauma victims stuck in a state of semi-consciousness."
* "Regions of the brain may not communicate with each other as efficiently as they should in people with autism."
* Ancient tomb unearthed on Chinese Olympic construction site.
* Pope names four new Catholic saints. Bonus Pope news: animated film on John Paul II coming to DVD soon.
* Scorsese taking a break from big-budget Hollywood.
* The Post talks to local bouncers (including one Josh Burdette!)

The BBC discusses how hard it is to find accurate maps.

Ten things we didn't know this time last week.

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