PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Oh, Kansas: 'A legislator was charged with scuffling with the cockroach-costumed president of an anti-abortion group at a gubernatorial debate last month.'

Disputing the 600,000 death toll for Iraq. Courtesy BAGnewsNotes, with a related article here.

Ney pleads guilty to corruption, but hasn't stepped down from his seat yet?

* Investigating new allegations of abuse at Guantanamo.
* Can Gadahn be convicted for treason?
* Is our military responsible for the death of a British journalist in Iraq?
* Gay marriage isn't bringing people to the polls this year.
* Supermax prison 'dangerously understaffed.'
* Maybe all the hype about identity theft is, in fact, just hype.

Too crazy to make up: the connection between Tom DeLay and Dancing With The Stars descends into chaos.

Nick vs. the Mouse: The rough and tumble world of running kids' TV networks.

Ooooh. Italian sociologist to live in underground caves for three years.
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