PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

Great time at the party for t1tdave and devolutionary last night. Showed up a little late, but still got about an hour of bonus bebe time, as tze bebe was still there. (She was doing really well with the crowd, too, but apparently that's after an hour of being shy that I missed.)

Caught up with a number of friends I haven't seen in a good long while (including an certain someone awesome down from NY) and some other people I really only see at, uh, these parties. Heh. Talked myself hoarse discussing movies and comic books. Drank just enough to maintain a steady buzz throughout most of the evening. And man, my lips are chapped from hanging out in the cold with the smokers.

Speaking of which, mtvs, send me a good e-mail address for you.

Anytime you leave the party at 3, and it feels like you're leaving *early,* you know things are awesome. Of course, turns out leaving then wasn't exactly conducive to getting to work on time, but hey.

Tonight, a completely separate party. For real.
Tags: 2006, not news

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