PMMJ (cheetahmaster) wrote,

"Bangladeshi economist Muhammad Yunus, whose system of micro-credit loans reshaped development efforts in poor nations, won the Nobel Peace Prize today."

Yeesh. The latest Abramoff findings bring in allegations against a number of nonprofit organizations, including one lead by Grover Norquist.

* The dangerous career of being a trashman in Iraq.
* How American and European farm subsidies hurt African development.
* David Ignatius discusses the Iraqi coup theory and other alternatives.
* Bush's new favorite word is "unacceptable".
* The Republicans are shifting money around to try and hold on to Congress. They're also deploying Cheney.
* The challenges of verifying any agreement made with North Korea. Also, Time presents a photo essay on the Korean border.
* Andrew Sullivan wants a conservative revival.
* Bush shows his support for Hastert.
* multiplexer reviews books by Savage and Woodward.
* The strife at Gallaudet sheds light on the insular deaf culture.
* Sure, it's cool, but is it "indie"?

And the Pope wants to bring back the Latin Mass?

A graphic novel details a cartoonist's trip into North Korea.

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